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Webcasts for Healthcare Professionals

Amgen Safety Net Foundation offers an online portal known as ONLINE ACCESS that enables providers to conduct completely paperless transactions including:

  • Submit patient applications
  • Request replacement product
  • Submit electronic prescriptions
  • View and track the status of Foundation patients

To learn how to use the ONLINE ACESS portal you can view the entire webcast or view it by module to focus more on certain topics. If you are a first-time user click here for more information on signing up.

View the entire webcast

View each module:

Module 1: Requesting an Invite Code

Module 2: Registering

Module 3: E-Signature

Module 4: Portal Dashboard

Module 5: Patient Case Details

Module 6: Applications

Module 7: New Applications

Module 8: Assigning Applications

Module 9: Submitting Replacement Requests

Module 10: New Prescriptions

Module 11: Submitting Prescriptions

Module 12: Patient History

Module 14: Physician and Office Profiles

Module 15: Managing Users